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I base my paintings on collages. The collages are assemblies of disparate imagery which I find for the most part on the internet. My aim is to find an unexpected link between figures and their environments (and/or each other). I therefore combine and recombine these images (often merging them with parts of other collages) until an association emerges. It seems like a good way of circumventing a conscious approach to figure painting.

The collages form the foundations for the paintings. I try to make their compositions strong enough so that if I veer from them - following new routes the paint takes - their structure remains.

My main hope is to create a unique and persuasive world in each picture. One which works according to its own logic and convinces by the strength of imagery and the paint that depicts it.


I undertake portraits in my studio in Canberra, either from life or from photos. The process of commisioning is simple - please email me using the contact form or call me on the number provided on the same page and I can take you through it. 

For portraits painted from life I would require 4 to 5 sittings of 2 hours each, arranged at the sitter's convenience. In my experience the subject is very much a part of the process. Sitters often express surprise at how rewarding the experience has been. This isn't to say that sitting for a portrait isn't sometimes boring - I have sat and I know that it can be - but that the sense of collaboration between painter and sitter in making the picture is often fulfilling for both.



I’m hoping to produce a body of studio based landscapes, exploring, amongst other things, a sense of the animal histories (mainly human) that have shaped them. I aim to achieve this using a wide range of approaches to the painting process. I am currently working on a series depicting different sections of the space tracking station in the Orroral Valley.

Recent Exhibitions                 

The Lethbridge Landscape Award                           The Percival Portrait Award
                                               Lethbridge Gallery                                                      Perc Tucker Gallery
                                               Brisbane                                                                      Townsville
                                               May 2024                                                                    June 2024           


The Lethbridge 2000 Small Scale Art Award         The National Capital Art Prize

Lethbridge Gallery                                                     Aarwuna Gallery

Brisbane                                                                     Canberra

June 2023                                                                  September 2023



Now                                                       The Mandorla Art Prize Show

(Group Show)                                        (Finalist)

M16 Artspace                                        Perth

Canberra                                               May - June 2022                               

July- August 2022



Waverly Art Prize Exhibition                  The Night Side of Nature

(Finalist)                                                   Solo Show

Bondi Pavilion                                         M16 Art Space

NSW                                                        Canberra

September - October 2022                   May - June 2022            


Figurative Art Now Prize Exhibition 

Parker Harris Online

July - September 2021


Waverly Art Prize Exhibition

NSW, Australia

June - July 2021


Black and White
(Group Show)

M16 Artspace, Canberra, Australia

July 2021



Nick Offer New Paintings

The Bomb Factory, London, UK

July 2019


Lynn Painter Stainers Prize Exhibition,
Mall Galleries (Finalist)

5th – 18th March 2018

London Contemporary Art Prize,
Store Street Gallery (Finalist)

15 - 26th July 2018


London Contemporary Art Prize,

Store Street Gallery (Finalist)

The Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, Eton, Berkshire

Group Show


The Bomb Factory,
Elthorne St, London

Group Show

Lacey Contemporary Prize,

8 Clarendon Cross, London W11 4AP​



New Paintings
Krilova Stelfox Gallery
Hanbury Street, London

Solo Show


Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, Dubai. Princess Haya of Jordan. Private collections in UK, Australia, New Zealand, China, Germany, Spain, Belgium and United States.


Nationwide poster campaign for M & C Saatchi (commended in Creative Review, Lurzers International Archive 2004 and the Design and Art Direction Annual 2005)

Adrenalin Magazine (runner up 2005 Magazine Awards Illustration Award)


Winchester School of Art (M.A. Fine Art)

Edinburgh College of Art (B.A. Painting)

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